How Much Has Kansas Left on the Table by Refusing to Expand Medicaid?


since January 1, 2014

Kansans pay taxes and expect something back in return. Like health care and financial security.

Our state's leadership has chosen not to accept federal funds to expand the Medicaid program. Instead, our federal tax dollars are going to states like California and New York to provide health insurance coverage to their residents. Meanwhile, as many as 100,000 hard working Kansans remain uninsured. We should bring these funds back into the state to support the Kansas people and the Kansas economy. Tell the governor and your legislators to expand Medicaid now.

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Smaller increase in uninsured patients at local hospitals

"Over all we've seen an increase in both the amount of insured and we also continue to see an increase in the uninsured," said Matt Leary, the hospital's Chief Financial Officer.

Insight Kansas - The Failures of not expanding Medicaid

The Pittsburg Morning Sun: “rejecting Medicaid meant that hundreds of millions of dollars would not be available to stimulate the Kansas economy, both in urban areas and rural counties, where Medicaid helps shore up hundreds of small hospitals, medical centers, and nursing homes”

Expanding KanCare improves access and reduces costs

“Reducing our uninsured patient population by expanding KanCare would help offset about one-third of the $ 5.6 million in federal cuts to our system annually”

Medicaid malpractice Kansas lawmakers put politics above poor families needing health care

The Hutch News explains: “declining the expansion… will cost the state $5.3 billion in federal money and $2.3 billion that would have been paid to the state’s hospitals for providing unpaid care”

Local hospital leaders push Medicaid expansion

Stressing the loss of $350 million in federal dollars since 2010, local health care leaders on Thursday morning spoke in favor of the state of Kansas changing course and expanding its Medicaid program.

Kansas Lawmakers Urged to Expand Medicaid

“About 369,000 Kansans lack health insurance, and about 78,000 of them fall into what’s being called the new Medicaid coverage gap.”

Dodge City - A Moral Failure

“As a Nurse Practitioner (retired), I found there was no greater frustration than trying to provide health care to someone with no means to access the care.”

Push for Medicaid expansion

The Wichita Eagle: “A study commissioned by the Kansas Hospital Association estimated that expansion would inject more than $3 billion into the state’s economy and create 4,000 jobs over the next seven years.”

Let's do this. We can't afford any more delays.

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